Youth and children Track&Field competitions

«Zelentsova Cup», – competitions that are inspired and conducted by Tatiana Zelentsova, European Champion and ex-world record holder in 400m hurdles. In 2011 the competitions will celebrate 10-year anniversary.

The first «Zelentsova Cup» took place in Novorossysk in 2002 and had only 78 participants. To the present time this competitions have already established their base in Novorossiysk, Perm, Omsk, Kaliningrad, Moscow region (Lotoshino), and in 2010 arrived to Moscow. Today “Zelentsova Cup” gathers more than 600 young sportsmen and amateurs on the track.

This athletic celebration solves very important task, returning to Russian children unique chance to expose their sport talents and serves as the best example for promotion of the healthy lifestyle – vital part or each sport. It would be nice to note that the sports career of many young record holders, Russian, European and world Champions have started from this exact competition. So, for young athletes the starts in Moscow or any other of 7 cities can become the entrance ticket to the world of professional sports.

Winners and prize holders of each competition are rewarded with cups, medals and memorable prizes. None of the participants will be left unnoticed, because the main reason to compete in Zelentsova Cup is participation and desire to prevail, first of all prevail over oneself!

Dates of Competitions 2011
12-13 February Gubkin, Belgorod region
18-19 February Omsk
19-20 May Kaliningrad
2 June pos. Lotoshino, Moscow region
13-16 June Perm
4-7 August Novorossiysk
autumn 2011 Moscow (date to be defined)

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