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Interview with Champion
My athletic summer 2010

When we created the fund we understood the scale of the task in front of us. There is no common source of the information concerning youth athletics. To get the full picture of the matter as it is today we searched hi and low.

Thankfully, in the process or research we met other "lonely" enthusiasts. One of them were creators of web community "naStart!". They have done a lot of work bringing together Trach&Field followers. Therefore, it was no surprise that one day we decided to work together in achieving the same goal of popularization of Track&Field among youth and children. This page contains constantly updated list of contests that Fond "RunForFun" announces in partnership with "naStart!".

Join us and win!!!

In one year, May 20th 2011, the most active participants of our contests and questionnaires will receive commemorative gifts.

Interview with the Champion

Interview with young Champion it is accessible form of communication, that allows to learn more about present and future Champions, learn more about their sports life, friends, likes and dislikes, plans and dreams.

Presently the interviews are conducted over the internet with the athletes registered with "naStart!" community.

The first participant is young athlete Yana Zaitseva. In the future it could be winners of competition realized by Fond "RunForFun".

Fond provides commemorative gifts for participants of the project.

Interview with Yana Zaitseva

Interview with Anna Popova

Interview with Ilzira Dukina

Interview with Maxim Lagunov

Interview with Alina Gerasimchuk

Interview with Snejana Koretskaya

My athletic summer 2010

The summer track&field season is about to begin. We announce the contest - "My athletic summer 2010"

Contest will be judged in three nominations:

1. The best Blog "My meets of summer 2010"
2. Best photo album "My meets of summer 2010"
3. Best photo album "My athletic holidays 2010"

Any young athlete or amateur, registered in can participate in this contest.

The winners will be determined by open voting on site

Final count of votes – October 10th 2010.

in each nomination: running shoes (1 мplace), sports bag (2 place), Sweatshirts (3 place).

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