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Famous runner on 400m hurdles, ex World record holder, European Champion 1978, Tatiana Zelentsova, belongs to the small number of the best Russian innovative coaches. She will head the School of Athletic Excellence, created by the Fund "RunForFun". The school will be located in Moscow Oblast, Lotoshino.

The school will begin its work in September 2010. At first our attention will be given to master-classes of Zelentsova. Lotoshino has all necessary facilities to do so – hotel for guests and huge sports complex. Unfortunately, the location does not have a stadium with synthetic cover, but we will discuss it later…

A little about method of training

During many years of her coaching career (more than 30 years), Tatiana Zelentsova has created a system of "hurdle training". By adjusting the height and distance between hurdles she created a well rounded complex of exercises fit for training of 6 year old athletes as well as professional sportsmen in any kind of sportive event. Tatiana Zelentsova taught many master classes, promoting her hurdle system, in USA and Canada. Her audiences consisted of track&field athletes, swimmers, tennis players, football and basketball players and even dancers. System is used the most by those, whose movements include various sudden stops and turns (severe overuse of knee and hip joints). As for kids – they love doing hurdle exercises…

Why Lotoshino, if no stadium??

Because the district lives with logo "Every child in Lotoshino district participates in sports!".
Because local Administration takes care of children first.
Because it is the most ecologically clean district of Moscow Oblast.
Because Administration already build one big sports center for local population.
Because people are waiting for us and willing to work with us and help in promoting sports and the healthy lifestyle.
Because together with local Administration we decided to build athletic stadium and put Lotoshino on the map as the most sportive district of Moscow oblast

Now about the stadium

Today, Lotohino has several stadiums. The largest two have grass cover. They are excellent for playing football but for track&field we need to put synthetic cover. Remodeling present stadium to the level of up-to-date athletic complex – is one of our top priorities today. The Russian Federation of Track&Field is helping us in this matter as well.

To show our good will and to bring attention to the district, the Fond "RunForFun" included Lotoshino in its line of competitions "Zelentsova Cup". June 2nd, 2010 the firs "Zelentsova Cup" of Lotoshino gathered in Sport center more than 250 young athletes and more than 200 viewers. It was great success and lots of fun for everyone.

We are waiting for you in sports school of Zelentsova!

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